You don't have to see it to believe it. Album


It started with sorting out his deck before he could type up his sleeves.

you dont have to see it to believe it

He had the same 45 minutes as everyone else to actually build his deck. This involved me reading out all the cards as I opened them and him letting me know whether he wanted to play them or not. A lot of the cards he'd memorised from the spoilers which sped this up a lot. He them had 2 hours to type up his sleeves, the last of which was while everyone else was deck building so that he was ready to start round one with everyone else.

Richard with his printer, churning out sleeves.

you dont have to see it to believe it

The printer is surprisingly light and portable but is a completely mechanical machine that works in pretty much the same was as a traditional type writer but with fewer buttons which Richard often presses in collections in order to produce certain letters or words.

Reading the sleeves to check what he's already typed.

you dont have to see it to believe it

On cards with little text he repeats the text so the whole sleeve is covered. This seres two purposes, firstly it means that his opponent can't try and work out which cards are in his hame by the amount of text on them and secondly so that his deck is "balanced", all the cards are the same thickness across the whole card so his deck doesn't tilt and fall over.

At a glance it's just like any other game.

you dont have to see it to believe it

Richard relies on his opponent to announce everything they play so that he can keep track of their board state. This was a little out of some player's comfort zone at first but they all got used to it very quickly.

A look at the cards up close with the braille over the surface.

you dont have to see it to believe it

All the cards have their name both at the top and upside down on the bottom so that Richard can quickly read them even if he picks them up upside down.

Reading his cards to remind him of his board presence.

you dont have to see it to believe it

Even with a brand new set he'd memorised most of the cards so he knew what he had in front of him with just a quick read of the card's names. He also used dice with raised dots so that he can keep track of his own life total.

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